Written by tesnyder

Potato Harvest

2012 Potato Crop

Potato harvest for this year.  Yukon gold, russets, red potatoes.

Let’s see how long I can keep them before they go bad.  Wish I had a cellar!


Greenhouse #2 Progress

"This is a lot like work."

We are making progress on the second greenhouse.  Bill and Ron have the raised beds in, paths dug out and weed barrier laid out in center isle.  Soil from the pathways went into the raised beds.  Next comes the wood chips down the isles and soil amendment added to our “red soil.”





Color-coded raised beds.

Beds are color-coded to help when giving directions to “helpers” on what to do where.  My job comes next week.  Time to plant the mixed greens seeds for winter harvest.

We’ve got a nice crop of melons going in the first greenhouse.  They love the heat in there.

Greenhouse #2 Started

Bill and Ron got started on the new greenhouse this week.  Posts concreted into holes – drying for the time-being. Next phase is to put up arches.

You can see greenhouse #1 to the right.  Guess who has more work once it is up?  Looks like we will be in the mixed greens business.

Tomatoes pruned, tired and “soaker hosed”

Got the tomatoes pruned, tied up and soaker hoses  laid out.  Corn was knee high by the fourth, so there is hope.

Summer time in Oregon has officially started.

New Swarm of Bees

A swarm of bees found a home here yesterday.  I was working in the greenhouse and heard the somewhat scary sound of bees swarming. Was pleased to see that they were settling in here and not heading out.

Did you know that when bees swarm they send out scouts to find a new home?  The scouts report back to each other, then”vote” on where to move the hive.  The bees then follow the scouts to the new home.  It took about 15-20 minutes from when I first saw the swarm overhead to get close enough to take a picture.  They were settling in.