Written by BillSnyder

Ice box finished

Bill just finished an old fashioned Ice Box.  He is keeping it in his shop to store his soda and other goodies.  Can you believe that!  I told him I want one for the house.  It’s made from oak and has brass hardware; note the old fashioned bottle opener on the left side.  This is very heavy too.

Transplanting underway

Transplanted another bed of mixed green starts today: Super Gourmet blend and Winter Mix blend in this bed.  They were started under grow lights inside the house.

This bed of mixed greens is at various stages of growth.  The greens in the back were started in the house and transplanted over a month ago.  The right front section transplanted about two weeks ago.  The small patches of little greens were started from seed over a month ago; just not warm enough for them to grow quickly yet.


Old fashion ice box

“Bill’s latest project:  An old fashion Ice Box, made from oak.  This is just before the molding and doors go on. He’s not selling this one.  Believe it or not it is for his shop – to store his soda and other goodies in.”

Icebox without doors

Mixed Greens

“Delicious micro-greens, mustard greens, and young salad greens.  These are grown in flats and harvested right from the flats.  They are light and delicate and get packaged in a different bag than the mixed greens from the garden.  The smaller greens mature under grow lights and get a couple of days outside to harden off.  The second flat is 1 lb. of mixed greens going to a customer this week.”

1 lb mixed greens